Enterprise Development

Throughout our history the Watershed Center has worked to develop “triple bottom line” solutions.  We are interested in projects and initiatives that support our local community, environment, and economy. The Enterprise Development program is currently working on two projects that support business development in Trinity County, the Trinity Business Incubator and a value-added processing research project.

Trinity Business Incubator

Designed and built with grant funding, the Trinity Business Incubator is located in Hayfork, and provides warehouse and manufacturing space for new businesses. The program incubated Jefferson State, a successful wood products business that at one time employed over 50 workers. The company was sold to a buyer who unfortunately moved the operation to Oregon.

Now, Trinity Mountain Products, a display fixture business owned and operated by local residents, occupies a portion of the building. The Incubator program offers businesses rental space at a reduced rate among other services. If you are interested in learning more about the Incubator program, or would like to apply for assistance, complete the initial screening application available here. Applicants deemed most well-suited by the Incubator Advisory Committee will be invited to submit full proposals.

The Business Incubator includes a number of amenities:

  • 2,500 sq. ft. of available warehouse and manufacturing space offered at subsidized rental rates
  • Biomass heater for the building
  • Partitioned for occupancy by multiple businesses (one tenant currently occupies a portion of the space)

For more information about the Business Incubator, please contact the Watershed Center at (530) 628-4206.

Rural Business Enterprise Grant – Exploring Value-Added Processing Opportunities

The Watershed Center recently received an Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) grant from USDA Rural Development to identify possible uses for material removed from a large tract of timberland on Southfork Mountain. Among possible products being reviewed  are firewood, post and poles, hardwood lumber, and mulch.  The goal is to provide information to the landowner which may be helpful as part of their long-term management plan, including opportunities to create local jobs through value-added processing.

To learn more about the RBEG project, contact Jim at the Watershed Center, 530-628-4206.