Our Programs

The Watershed Center works locally, regionally and nationally to forward our mission. In order to see change and achieve the vision we have for a healthy place at home, we’ve had to learn to work with decision makers at every level. Our Rural Advocacy program links us to policy makers and managers, giving a voice to rural communities in those forums.

Over the years, we’ve realized that the lessons we’re learning should be shared with other rural communities struggling with similar challenges. Our regional networks and programs serve to connect us with others working to improve rural communities through stewardship.

Moving forward in Trinity County and on the Trinity Forest has meant training a workforce, harnessing entreprenurial spirit and partnering with land owners and managers to envision, plan, and implement treatments, all the while learning everything we can about our place and culture so that we can help shape a better future.

Our planning, restoration, and implementation programs are all focused on assessing resource needs and implementing on-the-ground work. Our development and advocacy work is centered around strategies for creating healthy rural economies in resource-dependant communities. The youth program is designed to connect local youth and adults to the place they live, to inspire stewardship, and to provide positive leadership and role models. The WRTC’s programs encourage a sustainable forest-based economic system, and aim to build a vibrant community; one that provides educational, fun, and healthy activities for citizens, that grows community capacity, and that instills a culture of stewardship.