Staff Directory

Nick Goulette – Executive Director

In January of 2010, after working for the Watershed Center for over five years, Nick assumed the position of Executive Director. Under his leadership, the organization carries out our mission: to create a healthy forest and healthy community. Nick’s past work at the WRTC focused on community-based and regional research into forest work contracting and wood utilization, coordinating local collaboration with the US Forest Service associated with forest restoration and fuel reduction activities, developing assistance programs for local contractors, and advocacy for national forest, energy, and development policies that benefit rural communities. He earned a B.S. in Forestry from the University of Vermont (2004) with a concentration in Community-based Forestry.

Call Nick at (530) 628-4206 or email him at: nickg at hayfork dot net

Lynn Jungwirth – Senior Fellow for Policy and Development

Lynn Jungwirth was born and raised in a milling and logging family in a small timber town in Oregon.  She has been an activist on social issues in forest towns for over twenty years. Lynn has testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee, providing expert testimony on topics such as Community-based Forestry, Wildfire Policy, and Stewardship Contracting. Well known for her expertise in the field, Lynn has shared her knowledge with other communities and organizations throughout the west striving to restore their economies through forest stewardship and restoration.

Call Lynn at (530) 628-4206 or email her at: lynnj at hayfork dot net

Cindy Blackburn - Financial and Operations Administrator

Cindy Blackburn has lived in Hayfork since 1979.  She has over 10 years of experience in office administration at Jefferson State Forest Products (JSFP).  Cindy held numerous positions at JSFP including bookkeeper, salesman, accountant and executive assistant.  Her last position was Operations Manager for the business. Her specialties include organizational systems, HR management, accounting, data tracking and research. Cindy’s connections to the community and business background motivate her to help other entrepreneurs in Trinity County.

Call Cindy at (530) 628-4206 or email her at: cindy at thewatershedcenter dot com

Angie Lottes – Biomass Program Coordinator

Angie works on biomass thermal and power projects in Northern California. She also organizes and facilitates the California Forest Biomass Working Group and Statewide Wood Energy Team. Angie has 7 years of experience with ecosystem health and restoration projects including fire reintroduction.  She completed research on biomass energy industry fuel opportunities and greenhouse gas emissions.  Angie lives and works in Arcata, CA where she received an MS in Energy, Technology and Policy from Humboldt State University.

Call Angie at (314) 610-2237 or email her at: angie at thewatershedcenter dot com

Chester Brown – Field Program Manager

Chester runs the Watershed Center field crews. Under his management, the Watershed employs anywhere from 10-25 people working on stewardship including hazardous fuels reduction. Chester is a long-time Hayfork resident and brings extensive experience with the community and local landowners as well as technical knowledge to his position.

Call Chester at (530) 628-4206 or email him at: chester at thewatershedcenter dot com

George Chapman – Fire Management Program Manager

George joined the Watershed Center team in order to help develop and implement fire management tools that will help us achieve our restoration goals.  A burn boss with an extensive career in prescribed fire management, George now leads the Watershed Center’s fire program. From burn planning to training, to implementing prescribed burns through out Trinity County, George’s program is creating new opportunities for restoration at a scale that will have a lasting impact.

Call George at (530) 628-4206 or email him at: hoboglch at gmail dot com

Jim Jungwirth – Enterprise Development Program Manager

Jim Jungwirth lives in Hayfork where his family has been in the logging business since 1954.  He has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for the last 30 years in energy, mining and natural resources.  He also served as a Planning Commissioner for the County of Trinity. He is a founding member of the Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities partnership under the auspices of Sustainable Northwest of Portland.

Call Jim at (530) 628-4206 or email him at: jim.jungwirth at gmail dot com

Joshua Smith – Watershed and Fisheries Restoration Program Manager

Joshua Smith brings over eight years of hydrologic monitoring and research expereince to his position at the Watershed Center. He worked for several years in New Zealand on groundwater and surface water management planning, producing environmental impact documents, and scientific monitoring and analysis; in particular aquifer testing, surface water gauging, and diversion analysis. Josh has also worked as a field researcher in Trinity County with duties including: flow and sediment monitoring, monitoring station setup and maintenance, sediment lab analysis, surveying, and road and stream inventory analysis. He has a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Call Josh at (530) 628-4206 or email him at: josh at thewatershedcenter dot com

Marie Buell – GIS Specialist and Forestry Technician

Marie is the Watershed Center’s GIS specialist. She creates and manages GIS mapping layers for all of our projects as well as performs technical field work like monitoring, and timber marking.  Her interest in natural sciences led her to join the Watershed Center team and her wide variety of skills and interests makes her a real asset to the organization. Marie has a degree in soil science from Humboldt State University.

Call Marie at (530) 628-4206 or email her: marie at thewatershedcenter dot com

Michelle Medley-Daniel – Program Manager for Networks and Development

Michelle was raised in Hayfork, and after completing two Bachelor’s degrees at Humboldt State University, relocated back to her hometown. Michelle’s professional background includes working in communications and development with non-profits. Before joining the Watershed Center team in 2008, she worked for Adopt-A-Watershed, an environmental education network in California. She has worked in a variety of capacities at the Watershed Center including partnership coordination, organizational development, and project management. Her time is currently focused on the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. Michelle is a member of the Hayfork Community Plan Committee and enjoys exploring the mountains of Northern California.

Call Michelle at (530) 628-4206 or email her at: michelle at thewatershedcenter dot com

Piper McDaniel – Communciations and Outreach Coordinator

Piper graduated San Francisco State University with a double bachelor in International Relations and English. She has worked as a social worker, journalist, and freelance writer. She is excited to be a part of the team at the Watershed Center and brings with her five years experience as a writer and editor.  She is devoted to helping her community, and working towards sustainable stewardship of the land. Her ties to the community and her enthusiasm will help her to mobilize volunteers and grow a culture that values local stewardship.

Call Piper at (530) 628-4206 or email her at: piper at thewatershedcenter dot com

David Jaramillo – Fire, Fuels, and Forestry Program Manager

David is a California Registered Professional Forester (#2839) with over 10 years of ecological and forestry experience. He has worked with private landowners, private timber, non-profit, NGO’s and the Bureau of Land Management on a variety of forestry and fire related projects. David’s principle interests include traditional ecology, fire and fuels management, ecosystem restoration, community wildfire planning, and watershed and wildlife issues as they pertain to the stewardship of our natural resources. He is dedicated to caring for our forests and ecosystems for future generations. He received a B.S in Forestry Conservation as well as Minors in Wildlife Management and Environmental Ethics from Humboldt State University.

Call David at (530) 628-4206 or email him at:

Katie Van Pelt – Financial and Office Manager

Katie has been a resident of Trinity County for 6 years and brings with her extensive accounting and bookkeeping experience. Katie is responsible for the Watershed Center’s accounts payable, receivable and payroll. She also provides extensive administrative support for our programs, and her attention to detail and efficiency are a key element in the Watershed Center’s operations.

Call Katie at (530) 628-4206 or email her at: