Youth Conservation Crew

Since 2004 the Watershed Center has been hiring local youth to implement conservation projects in the Hayfork Basin. Each summer a youth crew is hired to maintain the local trail system, eradicate non-native invasive plant species and learn about natural resource careers. Crew members are empowered to be stewards of their landscape by actively participating in its management. They also gain valuable job experience and training.

If you’d like to volunteer time to perform local trail work, or mentor youth in a career or skill, contact the Watershed Center at (503) 628-4206.  To learn more about our local trails, visit the Watershed Center’s office across from Hayfork Park at 98 Clinic Ave.

The WRTC youth crew uses a "misery whip" to remove a section of log blocking a trail. Only handtools can be used in Wilderness Areas.

Youth Crew re-tread's the Bear Creek Treal near Hayfork

Youth Conservation Crew eradicates noxious scotch broom weeds