How You Can Help

How you can help Save Our Spring Chinook 

 1)    Maintain Your Roads.

2)    Use Less Water. We can’t alter the weather, but we can take steps to minimize human impact and to help build resiliency in our watersheds. The more we conserve and plan, the better it is for the fish.

3)    Avoid over-fertilizing or using toxic chemicals that poison our rivers. Farm organic, and be mindful of how much fertilizer you use. The presence of nutrients in the water supply contributes to algae blooms that prevent fish from swimming and surviving in our rivers.

4)    Don’t fish for Spring Chinook. Right now, our actions matter more.  We can all help by not fishing for or consuming Spring Chinook.

5)    Spread the Word. Tell people you know about the threat to Spring Chinook, and encourage them to help protect them. Talk to your neighbors about water; share your practices, and your efforts. Cultural changes begin with learning and dialogue, so promote conservation and community-mindedness. Be a part of that change in your community.

6)    Learn more about how you can support the Watershed Center’s work to help Save the Spring Chinook. Contact the Watershed Center, the Trinity County Resource Conservation District and the 5 Counties Salmonid Conservation Program to learn more about events and volunteer opportunities where you can help care for the beautiful place we live.