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Trespass marijuana grows are an overlooked source of serious environmental damage. Fertilizers, toxic pesticides, caustic poisons, garbage, and illegal water diversions are all part of the impact of trespass grow sites. These chemicals seep into the soil, poison local wildlife, and pollute watersheds and rivers. Many of these grow sites are also very large, ranging in size from a few acres to a few miles wide. In aggregate, the impact of trespass grow sites is very significant.

The North Coast Reclamation Coalition is working to raise awareness about this issue, and to implement trespass grow site reclamations that will help to restore our forests and protect the landscape. You can help by supporting this valuable effort to keep our forests healthy.

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Reclamations are a unique, educational, and challenging volunteer opportunity.

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Currently, there is not adequate funding for the costly clean-up of trespass marijuana sites. The North Coast Reclamation Coalition is partnering with law enforcement to help organize safe clean-ups of trespass marijuana grows on public lands in Northern California, and we are looking for volunteers to help us do this valuable work.

If you are interested in helping clean up a trespass marijuana grow contact Piper at the Watershed Center for more information:

call: 530-628-4206 or email: