California Statewide Wood Energy Team

Wood energy has the potential to achieve “triple bottom line” benefits. However, appropriate technologies, scale, and other issues require further study for these benefits to be realized.

In accordance with their commitment to developing appropriate wood energy, the USDA Forest Service is participating in cooperative agreements with statewide wood energy teams around the county to promote wood energy education and support wood energy project development. In California, the Statewide Wood Energy Team is implemented by a subgroup of the ad hoc Biomass Working Group (BWG).   The subgroup, referred to as SWET, is administered by the Watershed Research and Training Center (WRTC) Over the next three years, the SWET will be working to:

  • Enhance biomass utilization outreach, education, and stakeholder coordination
  • Build capacity for wood energy projects

The following activities will help the team achieve the goals described above:

  • Coordinate the BWG to facilitate networking and shared learning
  • Conduct pre-feasibility scans and/or feasibility assessments (where justified based on pre-established criteria)
  • Provide technical assistance with contracting, fundraising for feasibility, engineering and design, and project finance
  • Complete 15 feasibility assessments
  • Frame potential solutions to issues like sustainability, CEQA compliance, and financing
  • Develop wood energy project planning and decision support tools
  • Develop educational and technical information including hosting workshops, creating technical bulletins, and writing case studies

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The BWG is an open membership ad hoc group.  Meetings are held almost every month, usually on the third Tuesday. Several subgroups hold meetings regularly, and are open to member participation.  The BWG will guide the SWET, providing support as needed.

If you have questions about the BWG or the Wood Energy Implementation Team, or if you would like to discuss how your organization/project can become involved, please contact:

Angie Lottes, SWET Coordinator,, 314-610-2237


Jerry Bird, Biomass Working Group Facilitator, US Forest Service,, 916-498-5324